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  • Chippy, Sascha and a bag of UMPCs at the Techlounge.

    23 March 2015, 9:31 am by: Chippy

    What a pleasure it was to have a few minutes (well it seemed like a few minutes) to take a look back at UMPCs from 2006-2010 at the Techlounge last week.  If you want to know where the roots of the consumer-focused tablet are look no further than the Origami…
  • Five brand new low-cost Core-M products from CeBIT 2015

    23 March 2015, 8:48 am by: Chippy

    I was working at CeBIT with Mobilegeeks on their Techlounge product last week. If you haven’t heard of them it’s because they’re big in German but not so big in English. I’ll explain more in another post but it meant that my focus was on creating…
  • Did ASUS just poke the Macbook too hard?

    12 March 2015, 8:43 am by: Chippy

    The use of this Shutterstock image might have just landed ASUS in trouble and it might cost them more than the €79.50  it cost to download the image from Shutterstock.  While they’re not in trouble with Shutterstock as far as I can see, they appear to…
  • Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet and Keyboard – Ultra mobile Android productivity, at a price.

    11 March 2015, 11:53 am by: Chippy

    Launched at MWC last week was the latest Sony Xperia Z4 10-inch tablet. Ignore the internal specifications for a moment and consider that this rugged, waterproof tablet weighs under 800 grams, with the keyboard. With Android 5.0’s security features and…
  • Awesome Apple Macbook engineering, slightly out of my reach.

    11 March 2015, 7:47 am by: Chippy

    It’s easy to poke criticism at the new Apple Macbook because it breaks new ground for a laptop but we must pay respect to the incredible engineering and confidence that Apple are showing with this ultraportable. In reality there’s little to worry about…
  • Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard. Hands-on test.

    7 March 2015, 4:32 pm by: Chippy

    Some people came away from Mobile World Congress wanting the Samsung Galaxy S6. Others were blown away by a VR headset from HTC. Me, I came away from MWC thinking about the new Microsoft universal folding keyboard. This Bluetooth keyboard is an amazing bit of…
  • Lenovo Miix 300. Solid spec’s on this budget 8-inch Windows tablet.

    4 March 2015, 8:53 am by: Chippy

    I took a look at the Lenovo Miix 300 after it launched at MWC on Sunday and I was impressed to see such good specifications for a $149 Windows 8 tablet. There are a few things missing though. I handled a Lenovo Miix 300 with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage and the…
  • Microsoft flappy-keyboard looks like a wallet. I love it!

    2 March 2015, 5:24 pm by: Chippy

    The new Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is tiny and desirable, but pricey. Here’s my hands-on thoughts and video. If there’s one sub-thread that has existed throughout the last 9 years of UMPCPortal it has to be mobile keyboards. PDAs generated a…
  • Atom x3, x5, x7 – More Z8000-series details revealed at MWC

    2 March 2015, 9:00 am by: Chippy

    Pay attention mobile computing fan, because the Intel Atom X3, X5 and X7 are looking good! Intel have just released more details at MWC. We heard about the new Intel Atom naming scheme last week and it was fairly clear that Intel would be using the new…
  • Mobile Kit at MWC15 with Mobilegeeks

    1 March 2015, 4:13 am by: Chippy

    I’m at Mobile World Congress this week where I’m expecting to learn something new about wearable and to get the latest update on smartphones and consumer technology. I’m also focusing on client device security. I’m here with so you…

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