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  • Netflix says it lost customers thanks to slow streaming on Comcast

    29 August 2014, 8:15 pm by: Brad Reed

    Why did Netflix decide to cave in and pay Comcast for a better direct connection to its network? Because apparently slow Netflix streaming on Comcast was costing the company customers. CNN reports that Netflix this week explained to the Federal Communications…
  • Nintendo just announced a new console, but not the one you were expecting

    29 August 2014, 7:30 pm by: Jacob Siegal

    It’s been a trying year for Nintendo as the Wii U struggles to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, but with the holiday season approaching, the company has a few tricks up its sleeve to entice fans. Unfortunately, those plans do not include an upgraded home…
  • Samsung pits the Galaxy Tab S against the iPad Air in latest ad

    29 August 2014, 6:45 pm by: Jacob Siegal

    Samsung’s latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S, is one impressive piece of hardware. It’s received rave reviews from the press, consumers seem to love it and it even outclasses the iPad in many respects. In order to prove that last point, Samsung took to the…
  • Microsoft might be interested in acquiring the most popular custom Android build ever

    29 August 2014, 6:20 pm by: Chris Smith

    Many Android users unhappy with what the mobile operating system has to offer have looked at various custom ROMs based on Google’s latest OS version that offered additional tools to improve their overall mobile experience. CyanogenMod is one such…
  • The Xbox One update you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived

    29 August 2014, 5:55 pm by: Jacob Siegal

    The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been incredibly successful up to this point, but there’s no question that the new consoles would have benefitted greatly from a little more time in development before launch. By lacking a few key features, both consoles…
  • Nokia just released a huge update for its innovative Android app

    29 August 2014, 5:30 pm by: Zach Epstein

    On June 19th of this year, Nokia was reborn. The company that had been known for years as a cell phone pioneer had sold off its devices business, and the world was waiting to see what new paths Nokia might take. There are a few, as it turns out, but one of…
  • Samsung just released another new teaser video for the Galaxy Note 4

    29 August 2014, 5:05 pm by: Chris Smith

    Samsung can’t wait to unveil the Galaxy Note 4, one of the most anticipated handsets of the second half of the year. The company has proven its eagerness with the numerous Galaxy Note 4 video teasers the company posted on YouTube in the last few days. After…
  • The Galaxy Note didn’t ‘kill’ the iPhone… but it may be hurting the iPad

    29 August 2014, 4:40 pm by: Tero Kuittinen

    It has been clear for a year that tablet market growth has been slowing down a lot faster than anyone expected. But nevertheless, the latest IDC numbers are a stiff shock. The firm’s previous forecast for 12% tablet sales growth this year was already really…
  • Sorry, Google – Samsung’s Galaxy phones really need to see other maps

    29 August 2014, 4:20 pm by: Chris Smith

    A new episode in the complex Google-Samsung love affair was written on Friday, as Nokia announced that its Here maps service will be available free of charge (via a licensing agreement) to Samsung Galaxy handset owners. Samsung inked this exclusive deal with…
  • The most disappointing rumor about the iPhone 6 may have just been confirmed

    29 August 2014, 3:52 pm by: Brad Reed

    There’s no shortage of hype for the upcoming iPhone 6 although that doesn’t mean the device won’t be disappointing in some ways. The most disappointing rumor we’ve heard about Apple’s upcoming flagship phone is that it will only feature 1GB of RAM at…

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