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  • Apple Watch Debuts with 3,000 Apps

    24 April 2015, 3:19 pm

    The Apple Watch has finally landed and is available in nine countries (good luck getting one though) and with the wearable the company has also opened the App Store for smart watches. Apple stores around the world are dealing with lines of customers waiting to…
  • Google Makes Q1 Profit, Misses Wall Street Predictions

    24 April 2015, 12:54 pm

    Google revealed its financials for the three months comprising the first quarter of 2015, and the company continued to see both revenue and profits grow. However, like recent periods the company failed to perform as well as Wall Street analysts had predicted.…
  • Huawei P8 Sells Out in One Day

    24 April 2015, 11:48 am

    The Huawei P8 was announced earlier in the month, the Chinese company's newest flagship that looks a little like the iPhone 6. It is a fantastic smartphone in terms of design and specifications and it seems as though consumers in Huawei's Chinese homeland…
  • Lenovo K80 Launched with 4GB of RAM

    24 April 2015, 11:19 am

    The ASUS ZenFone 2 had its position as the only smartphone packing 4GB of RAM for a little while before Xiaomi announced the Mi Note Pro. Now Lenovo has joined the 4GB party with the launch of the K80, the Chinese company's latest mid-range smartphone.…
  • Microsoft Sold 8.6 Million Lumia Smartphones in Three Months

    24 April 2015, 10:50 am

    Time to check in on the performance of Windows Phone, the third placed platform in the market that seems to hold steady without ever testing Android and iOS. That is not going to change anytime soon, but Microsoft announced its fiscal third quarter results and…
  • LG G4 Could Carry Expensive Price Tag

    23 April 2015, 5:22 pm

    We are nearing the April 28th launch date for the LG G4, the South Korean company's latest smartphone flagship. We already know plenty about this device, from its blazing market leading specs to its slick (slightly curved) design that features a plastic front…
  • LG G Watch Urbane Available Globally This Week

    23 April 2015, 12:25 pm

    We have known about the LG G Watch Urbane for some time, the device is arguably the best looking smartwatch at the moment. The Android Wear packing wearable has yet to be rolled out to customers but LG has confirmed the date when that will change. The South…
  • Xiaomi Unveils Mi 4i Smartphone

    23 April 2015, 11:10 am

    Chinese brand Xiaomi has announced its new high end smartphone, the Mi 4i, and as we have come to expect from the company it comes with a few surprises. Sure, this is a high spec'd juggernaut as you would expect, but the cost of the handset makes it a bit of a…
  • Verizon Lost 138,000 Postpaid Customers Last Quarter

    23 April 2015, 10:36 am

    Verizon, the biggest carrier in the United States, announced this week that it lost a significant amount of business over the last quarter. Big Red revealed that 138,000 postpaid customers left the brand, but the company insists that it is not a problem that…
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Performs Below Estimates in South Korea

    23 April 2015, 9:49 am

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are fantastic smartphones, and they are widely expected to breathe new life into the company after a worrying 2014. The handsets have already made their mark in Samsung's South Korea homeland, with the devices shifting…
  • LG G Stylo Lands with Micro SD Support for 1 Terabyte

    22 April 2015, 5:21 pm

    LG has launched a new smartphone, one that could be about to change the way we view smartphone storage in the near future. The LG G Stylo landed today a week before the company is set to announce its latest flagship, the G4. As you can probably gather by the…
  • First Gen Motorola X Android 5.1 Changelist

    22 April 2015, 1:15 pm

    Motorola confirmed earlier in the month that its first generation Moto smartphones (Moto X and Moto G) would be skipping the Android 5.0 update and moving straight from 4.4.4 KitKat to Lollipop 5.1. That roll out is expected soon, especially now a changelist…
  • OnePlus Announces First Carrier Agreement

    22 April 2015, 11:22 am

    It seems that OnePlus and its flagship killing OnePlus One smartphone are finally growing up after the company made a pretty big announcement. Co-founder Carl Pei dropped the bomb that the manufacturer has linked up with a carrier for the first ever time, and…
  • No More YouTube App for iPhones Below iOS 7

    22 April 2015, 11:12 am

    While the smartphone world operates in an upgrade culture, there are still plenty of people rocking older handsets. This is even true with Apple's iPhone. Sure, the company has huge adoption rates to new builds of its software, but there are still some 100…
  • Second Gen Motorola Moto E 4G LTE Arrives in India

    21 April 2015, 1:17 pm

    Motorola's spiffing Moto E 4G LTE second generation has been made available in India starting from today, bringing the budget king to the second most populous country in the world. The device is selling for the same as $127 US dollars from Flipkart, an online…
  • Oppo R7 Leaks

    21 April 2015, 1:07 pm

    Oppo's next smartphone high ender, the Oppo R7, has leaked in what is rumoured to be an official render, although some reports are pointing to a potential concept mock-up. The handset will be replacing the Oppo R5 and that means it will be very thin. You may…
  • Cyanogen 12 Roll Out Delayed for OnePlus One

    21 April 2015, 12:48 pm

    Those rocking the OnePlus One flagship killer have been expecting a software update to Cyanogen 12 for their smartphones. However, the upgrade has now been pulled, at least for the time being as the patch has been halted. Not to worry though, OnePlus says this…
  • LG G Flex 2 Arrives on AT&T and is Expensive

    21 April 2015, 12:32 pm

    The LG G Flex 2 was the first full flagship quality smartphone of the year, and was the first to rock Qualcomm's new 64-bit Snapdragon 810. The device oozes plenty of quality and of course is also features that curved screen look that is unique in the market…
  • Android Wear Update Lands with Wi-Fi Support

    20 April 2015, 2:28 pm

    A new update for Android Wear has been announced. You remember last month we previewed this update and said it was not quite ready. Read the full story here.
  • Nokia to Make Smartphones in 2016

    20 April 2015, 2:17 pm

    For mobile phone users of a certain vintage, Nokia holds a special place in the heart, the company was after-all the biggest cellular phone manufacturer in the world for several years. However, the Finnish giant has sort of just faded away since Microsoft…
  • Is the Sony Xperia Z4 Disappointing? We Think So

    20 April 2015, 2:06 pm

    Sony has unleashed its new flagship, the Xperia Z4, but those looking for a big leap over the six month old Xperia Z3 will probably be disappointed. Indeed, the Z4 is in fact merely an incremental shift, while the disappointment will likely continue with news…
  • Sony Xperia Z4 to be Metal and Sport Fingerprint Sensor

    16 April 2015, 12:46 pm

    We have seen a lot of leaks regarding the Sony Xperia Z4, and now it seems we will see the handset later this month when Sony hosts an April 20th press event. However, there is still time for one more piece of information before the big launch, with the latest…
  • Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Available from May 6th

    16 April 2015, 11:49 am

    Xiaomi has confirmed that it will launch its new flagship, the Mi Note Pro, on May 6th, finally relasing the smartphone that was launched back in January. The company's CEO Lei Jun announced the information via Xiaomi?s Weibo page today. The handset will be…
  • Verizon Updating Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Android Lollipop

    16 April 2015, 10:38 am

    Verizon has started updating its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Android 5.0 Lollipop today, with the upgrade arriving via an over the air update. The handset is now a generation old with the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 last September, but is still a…
  • Huawei Announces P8 Flagship

    15 April 2015, 5:41 pm

    Huawei is in rude health. The company has contended with Xiaomi in its homeland and still managed a stellar sales performance through 2014. The company has today raised the curtain on the Huawei P8, the brand's new flagship that will take the fight to Xiaomi…
  • LG Readying Windows Phone Smartphone

    15 April 2015, 5:10 pm

    Windows Phone seems to be in a rut at the moment. Microsoft's mobile operating system is not growing, keeping a solid base in emerging markets but simply not catching Android or iOS. Windows 10 could help to change that, but Microsoft needs more major…
  • AT&T Issues Android Lollipop to Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S5 Active

    15 April 2015, 4:57 pm

    AT&T is serving up a double dose of Samsung updates as the Galaxy S5 Active and the Galaxy Alpha are now receiving their Android 5.0.2 Lollipop updates. The second largest carrier in the United States is rolling out the upgrade over the air now, so you should…
  • OnePlus to Sell 3 to 5 Million Smartphones this Year

    15 April 2015, 1:31 pm

    OnePlus has only been with us for two years, but the company has come a long way. Sure, the brand is known for the slow roll out of its smartphone and even a few PR disasters, but behind it all the is the OnePlus One. The "flagship killer" has been well…
  • Nexus 4 Receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop Now

    14 April 2015, 5:03 pm

    We find it pretty impressive that Google updated the Nexus 4 to Android 5.0 Lollipop back in November, after-all the handset is nearly three years old. Of course, one of the perks of the stock Android Nexus smartphones is that they are Google's babies and…
  • Android 5.1 Causing Nexus 5 Camera App Issues

    14 April 2015, 1:24 pm

    It seems Android 5.1 Lollipop is subjecting Nexus devices to a reign of terror at the moment. We have already heard about the update actually bricking some Nexus 7 tablets, and it seems the 5.1 software build is now causing camera problems for those rocking…

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