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  • ANA Survey: At Least Half Of Marketers Don’t Have the Data to Do the Job Right

    20 October 2014, 10:00 am by: J. Barton

    There are a lot of buzzwords out there — and a lot of confusion about what to do when there’s a dearth of data. Marketers are wrestling with everything from “programmatic buying” to “native content” to “mobile marketing,” yet many don’t have…
  • The Big Day: Apple Launches Apple Pay Across U.S. Today

    20 October 2014, 9:45 am by: ChristaH

    The moment of truth in mobile payments is here for Apple. On Monday, Apple’s effort to transform mobile payments took shape as the company officially rolled out the availability of Apple Pay. As a result, customers can begin making payments with the touch of…
  • Clickbait Central: You Don’t Have to Visit to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

    20 October 2014, 9:30 am by: Michael Essany

    To make a long — and very interesting — story from BusinessWeek short, the Weather Channel illustrates a metamorphosis that may become increasingly common. What started as a 24/7 television weather channel soon became a website that more often than not…
  • Indian insurance Companies Flocking to Mobile

    20 October 2014, 9:15 am by: Michael Essany

    The Indian insurance market is forecast to be the third fastest growth market for ICT after retail and banking in 2015. That’s according to a new report from Gartner, Inc., the details of which were shared with MMW over the weekend. Specifically, Indian…
  • Are Insurance Companies to Blame for The Low Consumer Adoption of Wearables?

    20 October 2014, 9:00 am by: MikeR

    Despite lofty projections for the future growth of the wearables market, adoption levels today remain underwhelming. As a result, some have begun asking if insurance companies may play a role in the sluggish adoption at hand. Even with well-respected companies…
  • Sallie Mae Rolls Out Innovative New App

    20 October 2014, 8:45 am by: MikeR

    Student loan powerhouse Sallie Mae recently launched a new mobile app titled College Ahead to assist high school students in planning and preparing for college. College Ahead contains invaluable tips for planning for college, and interactive tools high school…
  • mHealth News: What You Need to Know

    20 October 2014, 8:30 am by: Michael Essany

    Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that our sister site mHealthWatch has been monitoring this past week. Facebook Boss Joins The Global Fight Against Ebola On Tuesday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg…
  • Email Marketing: Consumers Love to Hate It, But It’s Getting Better

    17 October 2014, 10:00 am by: J. Barton

    Recent research shows e-mail marketers are getting better at what they do, but most people still have a love/hate relationship with e-mail. There is something people value about it. We know because recent studies by Forrester Research indicate that e-mail…
  • Meet Apple’s Newest iPads

    17 October 2014, 9:45 am by: MikeR

    As widely expected, Apple on Thursday showed the world what’s next in its lineup of tablets. The company introduced iPad Air 2, hyping it as the thinnest and most powerful iPad ever. And Apple isn’t joking. 6.1 mm thin and weighing less than a pound, iPad…
  • Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

    17 October 2014, 9:30 am by: Michael Essany

    In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week. Big Brands Everywhere Hopping on Location-Based Marketing Bandwagon The trend of American advertisers adopting Location-Based Mobile…

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