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  • AppleCare Now Covers Worn-Out Batteries

    30 June 2015, 12:32 am by: Chris Mills

    Built-in batteries mean a built-in expiry date for gadgets: lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their ability to hold charge over time, eventually dying an ignominious death, and rendering your expensive gizmo useless — unless, that is, you’ve got AppleCare.…
  • The Key to Longer-Lasting Smartwatches Might Be Stupidly Simple

    29 June 2015, 11:31 pm by: Chris Mills

    Smartwatches are not endowed with the greatest battery life, thanks to the limited space available. But for the increasingly large number of circular smartwatches on the market, there’s one simple change that could yield a quarter more power: stop trying to…
  • Photographers Are Shooting The Moon With This Camera's Insane Zoom

    29 June 2015, 11:00 pm by: Sean Hollister

    Trust us, you really don’t need a camera with a built-in telescope. But in the right hands, the insane 83x optical zoom on the new Nikon P900 is mindblowing. Read more...
  • Lego Wants to Stop Producing Oil-Based Bricks

    29 June 2015, 10:09 pm by: Chris Mills

    Since 1963, Lego toys off all shapes and sizes have been moulded from ABS plastic, a material with a long list of pros; but thanks to the reliance on petroleum to make ABS, sustainability isn’t one of them. That’s why Lego is spending hundreds of millions…
  • Seeing the crazy movement of guitar strings in real time is so damn cool

    29 June 2015, 9:56 pm by: Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Chris Mills to Gizmodo

    This is wild. When cameras try to capture guitar strings being played, they see wavelength-type movements from each string because of the camera’s rolling shutter effect. But it can only be seen on camera, the wild wiggly effect is totally blind to the naked…
  • Did Your Drone Knock Out a Woman on Sunday? Seattle Police Want to Chat

    29 June 2015, 8:00 pm by: Matt Novak

    Sunday’s Pride celebrations in downtown Seattle were going fantastically. Until a drone fell from the sky and knocked a woman out cold. If that drone was yours, the Seattle Police Department would like to have a word with you.Read more...
  • Watch liquid nitrogen change the color of lasers and LEDs

    29 June 2015, 7:43 pm by: Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo

    When you drop lasers and LEDs into liquid nitrogen, the lights cool down and start turning one color into another. In the GIF above you’ll see it start from a urine yellow to a Mountain Dew color and then to a radiator fluid green and finally some super…
  • This Is The One Thing That People Never Understand About Cats

    29 June 2015, 7:40 pm by: Kiona Smith-Strickland

    You probably don’t know your cat as well as you think you do. According to a recent survey of cat owners in the UK, most people are pretty clueless about their cats’ lives.Read more...
  • The Most Beautiful Landscapes From Ten Years of Google Earth

    29 June 2015, 7:20 pm by: Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

    Ten years ago, Google uploaded an announcement to its press page: Google Launches Free 3D Mapping and Search Product!Read more...
  • Walmart Is Very Sorry It Made an ISIS Cake

    29 June 2015, 7:10 pm by: Ashley Feinberg on Gawker, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

    Earlier this weekend, a Southern American by the name of Chuck Netzhammer was dismayed when Walmart refused to make him a Confederate flag cake. He was even more dismayed when the store seemed to have no problem making what he dubbed an “ISIS battle cake.”…
  • No One Can Do Background Checks Until The Feds Fix Their Hack Mess

    29 June 2015, 6:20 pm by: Kate Knibbs

    Fallout from the cyberattack on the US Office of Personnel Management is already starting: Federal background checks have been shut down for six to eight weeks as a “proactive” security measure. New employees and contractors will be left in clearance limbo…
  • Facebook Is Probably Tracking All Those Rainbow Profile Pictures

    29 June 2015, 6:05 pm by: Adam Clark Estes

    Friday’s Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage was a historic moment for civil rights in America, and for the first time ever, Facebook released a tool that encouraged people express solidarity with a rainbow profile picture. Naturally, Facebook is…
  • Here's everything important that has happened in the Terminator movies

    29 June 2015, 5:57 pm by: Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

    The Terminator movies are always fun to watch because they involve time travel and bad ass science fiction action scenes while juggling multiple timelines and always bringing back the memory of T2. But it’s confusing to know what has happened when! IGN…
  • Would You Try 3D-Printed Meat?

    29 June 2015, 5:40 pm by: Bryan Lufkin

    Free-range? Grass-fed? How about 3D-printed next to the Nespresso on your kitchen island? That could be the beef of the future, friends. And two German design students have ginned up the latest plans for a slick-looking machine that could make it. Read more...
  • The F-35 Can't Beat The Plane It's Replacing In A Dogfight: Report

    29 June 2015, 5:29 pm by: Tyler Rogoway on Foxtrot Alpha, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

    We’ve heard of significant shortcomings before with the fighter jet that’s supposed to be America’s future, but this is just as bad as it gets. The F-35 performed so dismally in a dogfight, that the test pilot remarked that the it had pretty much no…
  • A Controller So Beautiful You Might Not Care If It Actually Sucks

    29 June 2015, 5:15 pm by: Andrew Liszewski on Toyland, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

    If you’ve been playing video games since the original NES hit North America over 30 years ago, your tastes have probably refined over the years. So why muck up your living room coffee table with plastic controller monstrosities when this gorgeous walnut and…
  • Google Maps May Alert You the Next Time You're Near a Train Crossing

    29 June 2015, 5:10 pm by: Bryan Lufkin

    Car accidents at railroad crossings spiked nine percent last year, according to the New York Times–a huge number that the Federal Railroad Administration is trying to bring down. Today, it announced a project with Google to create alerts within Google Maps…
  • MIT Invented a Way to Automatically Fix Software Bugs With Borrowed Code

    29 June 2015, 4:20 pm by: Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

    A new system from MIT’s CSAIL, or Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, does something incredible to fix buggy software: It borrows healthy code from other applications–and then fixes the bug without ever accessing the original source…
  • This 3-in-1 Gadget is the Perfect Travel Companion

    29 June 2015, 4:12 pm by: Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

    If you travel with any regularity, this versatile little gadget may just be your new best friend. They call it the RAVPower FileHub, but that name doesn’t do it justice, because it’s really three gadgets in one:Read more...
  • Is a Sapphire Glass Apple Watch Even Worth It?

    29 June 2015, 3:42 pm by: Dr. Raymond Soneira - DisplayMate Technologies

    The world’s best (and most expensive) watches all have a sapphire crystal, because sapphire is incredibly hard, making them extremely scratch-resistant and almost scratch-proof under normal use. But sapphire is expensive, so most watches have a glass crystal…

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