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  • Data roaming charges may actually get ditched this time – EU

    30 June 2015, 4:54 am by: Leigh Geary

    Following a massive U-turn on the last attempt, the EU has today announced that data roaming charges will be dropped from June 2017. Other roaming charges, including calls and texts, are set to have additional charges removed too. For years this has been a…
  • Get an Xperia Z3+ then receive free headphones and 3 months Tidal access

    30 June 2015, 4:22 am by: Garry Clark

    The new Sony phone is out and to try and help entice you into buying one they are going to bundle it with some free stuff. We always like free stuff don’t we? So what is it you are getting? First up you get a set of MDR-10RC headphones that come with…
  • Apple Launch Apple Music – Hands On

    30 June 2015, 3:15 am by: John M

    Earlier today Apple released iOS 8.4 featuring the long awaited new Apple Music service. Combining your iTunes library, a music streaming service and the new Beats 1 radio station, Apple have fired a shot across the bow of the current market leaders in audio…
  • KitSound Upstage – Review

    30 June 2015, 3:10 am by: Leigh Geary

    Let’s face it, your smartphone has got a proper weedy speaker. It’s not going to fill a room and, despite what the “yoof” think, walking around the streets with your phone playing tunes at full volume is nothing when compared to the classic ghetto…
  • Archos 80b Helium 4G – Review

    29 June 2015, 6:52 am by: Jp_hero

    Using a tablet whilst out and about may seem like an alien idea to some, but for many including 4G in a tablet makes it the ideal companion to take on the train, bus or even to the local cafe. Historically tablets have been Wi-Fi only with the 4G variants…
  • Oo! Football friend! Or running friend …. or cycling friend! Get a fitness buddy with Jaha

    29 June 2015, 6:31 am by: Leigh Geary

    If you like to go out and get sweaty, there can be a problem. Sure, you can tell yourself to get fit, but it’s also easy to tell yourself to have a nice lie-in and a McDonalds breakfast. So what if you knew someone who wanted to go running too? What if you…
  • How to add extra storage to your iPhone using the iStick – Review

    29 June 2015, 6:00 am by: John M

    It doesn’t seem to matter how much storage you have in your smartphone, it never seems to be quite enough. Some smartphones allow you to use memory cards to increase storage, but as this has never been an option on the iPhone. As apps and media increase in…
  • Got an LG G3 on O2? Notice any signal strangeness?

    29 June 2015, 5:39 am by: Leigh Geary

    So, I wanted to put this out there as I think I could be going mad.  I have an LG G3. It’s on O2 and, for reasons I can’t quite explain, it keeps dropping signal. I’ve done the usual tricks – swapped the SIM card, reset the phone, contacted support…
  • Get a personal coach in your pocket

    29 June 2015, 4:03 am by: Leigh Geary

    Cross-training? Out for a run? What you need is a bit of encouragement. Something that’ll make you break out into a sweat. You need to get worn out, and quick. You need to go harder and faster. You need to build your stamina. So how’s about…. Yes, the…
  • Podcast 146 – A very special interview

    29 June 2015, 3:02 am by: John M

    Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast episode 146. Yes, it’s Monday. In this very special episode of the Podcast we have a chat with a very special guest – James Pearce. James has performed a fantastic job as the regular CoolSmartPhone podcast host for a…
  • Android 7″ Tablet. Nice price. Asda price. You buy?

    28 June 2015, 9:58 am by: Leigh Geary

    Let’s face it, this isn’t going to be the greatest thing in the world. Quad-core it may be, but in all honesty it’s going to be about as terrible as most of the 7″ Android tablets you see on eBay direct from China. It’s called the “Q8″, even…
  • Enhance your stick, strap a microphone onto it.

    28 June 2015, 3:41 am by: Leigh Geary

    We get SO MANY Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns here at Coolsmartphone. If you want to invest in something, I’d personally suggest having a dabble on the Coolsmartphone competition. You could win a phone ! Anyhow, this is a selfie stick with a microphone…
  • Jide Remix Mini PC coming soon to Kickstarter

    27 June 2015, 6:00 am by: Garry Clark

    Just when you thought that I couldn’t talk about Jide Technology any more, this little gem appears. Remix OS is an adaptable OS that can be used on a variety of platforms, with one example being a Mini PC. This is a very active market right now so it makes…
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet missing USB OTG support – UPDATE

    27 June 2015, 4:38 am by: Garry Clark

    News is starting to trickle in that the new Xperia Z4 Tablet is missing a very important productivity tool. It seems like Sony have made the omission of USB OTG support. It also seems to be that this is the case on the M4 Aqua and the Z3+. Now what do all…
  • This entire article is a bad attempt at getting my Lego-related joke published.

    26 June 2015, 9:44 am by: Leigh Geary

    If you or the kids like playing lego, have a butchers at this thing. Anyone remember the Fun Time Friday feature we used to do back in the day? Let’s bring it back shall we eh? It’s basically a set of removable bricks which you can stack and shape you can…
  • Is that a PC in your pocket? Or are you just pleased to see me?

    26 June 2015, 8:48 am by: Tom Ranson

    Archos are the latest company to enter into the pocketable PC craze. Intel got the ball rolling with their Compute Stick built around their Quad-core Atom processor and then Lenovo threw their hat into the ring to follow Intel’s lead. Well now Archos have…
  • MONTAR 360 degree car mount – Review

    26 June 2015, 8:31 am by: Leigh Geary

    I’ll admit to jumping in my car and generally throwing my phone onto the passenger seat. There it’ll be, sliding around and then falling off the side of the seat as I go around a corner. After I arrive at my destination I then get to play the “Where is…
  • A touchless smartwatch… it’s happening

    26 June 2015, 6:53 am by: Garry Clark

    Deus Ex Technology have had a good week. They launched their project on Kickstarter on the 18th and within 6 days they have achieved their goal of $100k. Awesome. But why should I care? If you own a smartwatch then this will be very interesting. They have made…
  • XiaoMi mi4i drops in price

    26 June 2015, 4:32 am by: Leigh Geary

    Another week, another handset from Gearbest, and this time it’s the XiaoMi mi4i, which I’ve been having a nose at because they’ve dropped the price from $485.62 (£308.23) to $237.67 (£150.85). It supports dual SIM and is powered by Android 5.0. Specs…
  • LG G4 – Review

    26 June 2015, 3:30 am by: Dan

    Most phones look the same. Big screen? Check. One button up front maybe? Check. Manufacturers struggle to achieve differentiation. LG have tried to stand out from the crowd by keeping the screen large and reducing the bezel, which means a better one-handed…

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