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  • Hitman GO update brings a bit of Hitman 2 to the table

    24 October 2014, 9:20 am by: Juan Carlos Torres

    Square Enix has a big gift for fans of the Hitman franchise today, at least for those who also favor playing the titles on their mobile devices. First up is … Continue reading
  • Micro Battles lets you play games with your friends on one device

    24 October 2014, 8:40 am by: Ida Torres

    Do you remember the days when you used to play against your friends in game consoles while you were in the same space and using the same device? No? Well, … Continue reading
  • Sony SmartWatch 3 now ready for pre-order

    24 October 2014, 8:00 am by: R Padla

    Sony’s latest SmartWear model is now available for pre-order at Verizon Wireless. The new SmartWatch3  is coming soon on Google Play too and should be ready this October as we … Continue reading
  • Android Wear updated with GPS support, music playback

    24 October 2014, 7:20 am by: R Padla

    Get moving. Google wants you to move and exercise with the updated Android Wear. If you still don’t have a smartwatch, maybe it’s time to get one. You’ll be motivated … Continue reading
  • Amazon Fire Phone not on fire, revenue takes a hit

    24 October 2014, 6:40 am by: Juan Carlos Torres

    Amazon just made its earnings conference call today and things are not looking good for the retailer giant. The company reported a staggering third quarter loss of $544 million, compared … Continue reading
  • LG G Watch R to drop in Europe first as global rollout starts

    24 October 2014, 6:00 am by: John Hoff

    Most of the current smartwatches and Android wearables put in the market today – at least those worthy of note – can trace their very recent history back to IFA … Continue reading
  • OFFICIAL: LG comes out with own proc, F490 is the LG G3 Screen

    23 October 2014, 11:30 pm by: John Hoff

    No sooner than we had written about all the buzz LG is creating with its upcoming smartphone the LG F490 – they come out with a release confirming what we … Continue reading
  • LG’s F490 shows up in Vietnam, up close images available

    23 October 2014, 11:06 pm by: John Hoff

    LG is creating quite a buzz with its supposed upcoming device, the LG F490 “Liger” (which is a lion and a tiger, geddit?). It might just be the first competitive … Continue reading
  • République: a stealth-action game to feed surveillance paranoia

    23 October 2014, 4:00 pm by: Ida Torres

    Thanks to WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and all the hacking and leaks from our favorite apps, we've become quite paranoid and suspicious when it comes to our privacy and what the … Continue reading
  • Droid Turbo spied in the flesh

    23 October 2014, 3:20 pm by: Shane McGlaun

    Not too long ago some images of the coming Motorola Droid Turbo turned up showing what the device will look like. Those images were renderings rather than shots of a … Continue reading
  • Sony intros LinkedIn for Info-eye camera

    23 October 2014, 2:40 pm by: R Padla

    Sony’s Info-eye Xperia camera app has been revolutionary. When it was first introduced, Sony had little to show. We knew it’s a smart social camera that could do more than … Continue reading
  • Humble MoBOOile Bundle offers spooky games for Halloween

    23 October 2014, 2:00 pm by: Shane McGlaun

    It's time again for a new version of the Humble Mobile Bundle, and this time out it's a special version for Halloween. The bundle for October is called the Humble … Continue reading
  • Chainfire unleashes Sideload Launcher for Android TV

    23 October 2014, 1:20 pm by: Juan Carlos Torres

    The Android TV platform is yet to have a formal launch but already we're seeing surging interest and activity around it, which is always good for a nascent platform. First … Continue reading
  • Google Earth major update: 3D rendering, access to KML files

    23 October 2014, 12:40 pm by: Ida Torres

    When was the last time you opened Google Earth on your Android device? Last week, two months ago, maybe never? Google is now giving you several reasons to open and … Continue reading
  • Sky+ app update tosses mobile pics onto the big screen

    23 October 2014, 12:00 pm by: Shane McGlaun

    Sky+ users who have a Sky+HD box in their home may have used the Sky+ application before. The app originally allowed Android users to manage recordings when not at home … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 4 Duos unveiled in China in three flavors

    23 October 2014, 11:20 am by: Shane McGlaun

    Samsung has rolled out a new device in China called the Galaxy Note 4 Duos that is offered in three versions. Two of those versions correspond with different carriers and … Continue reading
  • Rovio’s Retry game to challenge and frustrate you

    23 October 2014, 10:40 am by: Ida Torres

    It was a wise man (or jedi) who once said, " Do or do not. There is no try." No, we're not talking about a new Star Wars game, but … Continue reading
  • Galaxy on Fire – Alliances now ready for Android gamers

    23 October 2014, 10:00 am by: R Padla

    We haven’t featured any games from Hamburg-based game studio Deep Silver yet but the Android version of the Galaxy on Fire – Alliances deserves our attention. Why, this new strategy … Continue reading
  • LG Odin SoC resurfaces in leaked specs for LG F490L Liger

    23 October 2014, 9:20 am by: Juan Carlos Torres

    There's a saying that goes "if at first you don't succeed, try and try until you die". Or something like that. LG has long been rumored to have its own … Continue reading
  • Yahoo updates Mail app with travel, event notifications

    23 October 2014, 8:40 am by: R Padla

    Yahoo regularly updates the Yahoo Mail app. The company silently announced the update in a Tumblr post. The app now comes with event and travel notifications so you won’t have … Continue reading

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